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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the most popular styles in PVC Fencing and Decking? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for answers from the industry experts.

Who We Are?

We've proudly built and supplied quality fencing and decking products since 2003.

We are official distributors for major North American manufacturers, including Homeland Vinyl Inc, CertainTeed Fencing Products, Medallion Iron Fence, Master Halco, and many others. 

Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc.creates a wide range of high quality residential and commercial vinyl products including vinyl fence, vinyl deck, vinyl railing, and specialty products. Our products provide unparalleled longevity and ease of maintenance that your customers will enjoy for years to come. Read more about the advantages of our products and how they can improve your customer’s property.
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Medallion Fence™ is a full source manufacturer of Quality Ornamental Fencing offering unsurpassed corrosion protection. Our lines are available in Flo Coat® Triple Coated Steel, or Marine Grade Aluminum. Medallion provides ornamental solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial and high security markets. Our variety of lines and extensive styles along with our years of experience in Custom Manufacturing to Project Specifications has made us the choice for Architects and Specifiers. Medallion is Canada’s only manufacturer of ornamental fencing with full in-house facilities, including state of the art powder coating lines and robotic welders that enable us to control quality from start to finish. We are proud in providing quality products and innovative designs for over 45 years. 
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SimTek has been inspiring yards to great things for the last 10 years. Founded in 2007, the company pioneered and patented the design of rotationally-molded fence – with its Ecostone simulated-stone fence system, which provides superior performance and the realistic appearance of stone. In recent years, SimTek has complemented its signature Ecostone with the Ashland Collection of wood grain fence.
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PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic resin made from the polymerization of vinyl chloride. Second only to polyethylene among the plastics in production and consumption, PVC is used in an enormous range of domestic and industrial products.

PVC is a common, strong but lightweight plastic used in construction. It is made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers.

PVC fences are UV resistant and will keep their colour. They are also resistant to warping, rotting and corrosion. We use only the best PVC fences which means depend on the supplier the warranty can range from 20 up to 50 years.

Today, PVC fencing has advanced over the years. This technology has excelled and made it equal or in some cases, cheaper than wood.

Despite the fact that cellular PVC decking will usually cost more initially than its wood and composite counterparts, its low-maintenance and longevity make it the best.

PVC is inherently recyclable due to the fact that it’s thermoplastic, it can be reheated, melted and used again.

Tuf-Fence is the preferred choice for fence contractors and installers in the Ottawa region since 1999. Constructed with H-posts along with rails and boards that are strongest and most sturdiest in the industry. These flexible fences offers homeowners the look that fits their custom needs.

The most familiar and popular color choices for fencing are White, Tan, Adobe and Green Teak. However, people often ask about other vinyl fence colors that are available. Certain suppliers have many OTHER COLORS CHOICES.

Usually there is nothing to maintain the fencing. It’s as easy as rinsing with water & soap once or twice a year, depending on the elements affecting the cleanliness of the fence.

PVC is a contractor favorite because it is easy to work with and is resistant to biological and and will never breakdown. On average, plastic decking has a similar lifespan to composite decking and can last nearly 20-30 years.

PVC fences are UV resistant and will keep their colour. They are also resistant to warping, rotting and corrosion. We use only the best PVC fences which means depend on the supplier the warranty can range from 20 up to 50 years.

AMCO, Product Specifics

Our two major manufacturers are Homeland Vinyl Products Inc and Certainteed.

These are made exclusively from virgin PVC at standard heights of 5', 6' and 7'.

(Tuf-Fence, Gorilla Fence & Gorilla Decking are produced by Homeland and these products we are stocked on a regular basis.)

AMCO distributes the most familiar and popular fencing and decking choices from Homeland, featuring colors such as Adobe, Mocha Walnut, Chai Gray and Green Teak.

Its Ontario building code compliant with a lifetime product warranty. Its water shedding technology will make sure the PVC never rots, splits or decays, whilst offering the strongest dent resistant surfaces. These are designed to keep the space below the deck drier with air cooling in mind, hidden fasteners and easy installation. These features protect the wood frames from rotting and will prolong the lifespan of the deck.

Tuf-Fence has been on the market for over the past 20 years with proven residential grade fencing with a variety of styles and colours (Adobe, Tan and White).

These can be built and archived to the standard heights of 5', 6' and 7' tall.

Products are shipped from our facility located at 129 Tansley Drive, Carp, Ottawa. We currently have a distribution storefront for local customers and an online store to purchase items.

PVC does cost more than wood at the outset, but it lasts longer and requires no maintenance, which may offset the higher costs in the long run.

PVC decking is popular because it’s virtually maintenance free. This type of material is extremely weather-resistant, easy to clean, and neither will ever splinter, warp, cup, or rot. Nor does it require sanding or staining.

PVC can be a great product to consider if you want to build a fence for privacy reasons. Any type of fence can provide a barrier to entry between your home and the outside world, but those made of aluminum or wrought iron offer greater security than other materials.

We supply and sell premium gate hardware for our fence gates, we offer self closing adjustable stainless-steel hinges and post latches. We carry fencing hardware from leading manufactures that make all components from sturdy metal with functional designs.

Chain-link fences with a galvanized finish that doesn't rust are the longest lasting fences. All other components of the fence are made of steel and are also galvanized, so there is relatively no maintenance.

When the temperature changes suddenly, PVC decking can expand and contract.

AMCO does not guarantee or ensure quality of worksmanship from Independent contractors and/or by our clientele. You are solely responsible per selecting the proper installer for your projects.

To meet the demand of our customers, we don’t have an order minimum. We offer a wide range of products and types from businesses to DIY homeowners.

Shipping and Delivery

We offer discounted prices as opposed to free shipping. Other stores will inflate their prices to make up for the money they lose in shipping. We prefer to simply offer the lowest prices on our products. Our pricing is compared against our competitors to make sure our customers are getting value for their money.

Local delivery with 1-week notice may take 3-5 business days, Ontario wide up to 10 days to receive order. Sometimes this time may be greater due to certain circumstances, however, it is our goal to ship all products as quickly as possible after receipt of order.

We always try to ensure that all of our customers order and receive the correct products. If you received the wrong product or it arrives damaged, we'll send the necessary replacements.

However, items returned for reasons other than these may not be refundable. All sales are final and cannot be returned or exchanged once an order is placed by the customer. 

Our PVC fencing and decking products have a manufacturer’s limited warranty against peeling, flaking, blistering, rotting, and corroding, if it is installed under normal conditions.

Building Permits

Before you dig, phone Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 or visit their website (OntarioOneCall.ca).

The City and other services have underground locates running in many backyards, front yards and side lots. (There are numerous underground hazards that could cause serious injuries. Hitting gas, electric, or other high-pressure pipes and lines could have fatal consequences.)

We recommend visiting https://www.ontarioonecall.ca, type in the first few letters of the street name and selecting an option from the drop down menu.

Confirm the Municipality and/or select a different version of the street name(s) from the menu if the map loads incorrectly.

Use the Google street view tool to familiarize yourself with the location and confirm the civic address.

Use the measuring tool to identify the proper work location for your team and the locators. If you cannot verify the location on the aerial image based on your personal knowledge of the location use another reference such as a Municipal GIS Map, or gather more information from someone who has been onsite.

If you are planting a tree, building a fence or a deck, digging a new garden, or doing any project that requires you to dig, you must contact Ontario One Call at least 5 days before.

COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

Customers must wear a mask in the storefront at all times and maintain social distance to protect themselves and others around them. ONLY 3 CUSTOMERS ALLOWED AT ANY ONE TIME.

(Masks alone do not protect against COVID-19, and should be combined with physical distancing and hand hygiene. Follow the advice provided by your local health authority.)

To prevent the spread of COVID-19:Clean your hands often. Use soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.

Maintain a safe distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention. Calling in advance allows your healthcare provider to quickly direct you to the right health facility. This protects you, and prevents the spread of viruses and other infections.

(Wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible.)

Contact List & Store Hours

Joseph Vermette
President / Sales Manager

Office: (613) 672-2626
Email: joe@amcofencing.com

Mirza Hopovac
General Manager

Office: (613) 261-3727
Mobile: (613) 261-3727
Email: sales@amcofencing.com

Our storefront is open Monday-Friday between 10am-2pm, closed on the weekends.

Verifying your location is important because you may not have personal knowledge of the area and selecting the wrong location may lead to invalid locates, severe injury or damage to property.

At least 5 days before you dig, submit a locate request at OntarioOneCall.ca or 1-800-400-2255. We will notify underground infrastructure owners that you plan to dig.

Locators from each underground infrastructure owner will come out to locate the buried lines & cables.

Dig safely. Respect the marks and follow the instructions that are provided.