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Medallion Iron Square Center Band

Medallion Fence™ is a full source manufacturer of Quality Ornamental Fencing offering unsurpassed corrosion protection. Medallion is Canada’s only manufacturer using ZAM® a Revolutionary, 21st Century Protective Coated Steel. 

Medallions ARMOUR-SHIELD™ fencing achieves a far superior resistance to rust compared to competitors inferior coated steel. Comparing the salt spray test to the first sign of red rust, ZAM® outperformed Galvanized by 7 times and over twice that of Galvalume®. 


Additional Information

Used to connect chain link rail end to square 2 X 2 Medallion Iron post.

  • Powder coated square brace band

  • Easy to install

  • Use in conjunction with a rail end to attach the top rail to the terminal post

  • Use 1 brace band for each end or gate post and 2 for each corner post

  • Stocked item on regular basis